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Spiritual medium, medium, psychic medium or mediumship, what do these different terms mean? A medium is an individual who has the ability to communicate with those who have crossed over into the spirit world.

Michele Renee is a well-known medium who offers Mediumship, Personal Issue Resolution,
EFT orEmotional Freedom Technique/Therapy, Past Life Regression and Hypnotherapy. Please visit ourServices tab for more information.

Michele Renee is world renowned. She has made multiple television appearances and has been a guest on many radio shows throughout the United States. Michele uses her unique abilities to communicate between the loved ones passed on to the spiritual world and those of us here in the physical world.

Sooner or later we all must pass on, and this seminal event will impact each of the people who are left behind, often in profound and challenging ways. We all mourn such passings differently, and even thinking about such a loss can be a difficult and painful experience. When those we love so much depart the physical world, many of us simply don't know what to do, or even how we're supposed to move forward with our lives. This is a life altering experience... the loss of a loved one leaves a void, and that feeling of emptiness surrounds and covers us like a shadow. A blanket of grief seems to consume our soul, and we are left yearning for help, seeking answers, comfort, and completeness.

Michele is determined to help as many people as possible to connect with those now dearly departed souls. Like a receiver, Michele will deliver messages, often with stunning accuracy, sent from those in the afterlife to you and yours who remain here in the physical world. Michele also possesses the ability to communicate with living animals as well those that have passed on.

Whether you would like to hear from your loved ones in the spirit world, or receive messages from your guides, Michele Renee is your conduit into the world of spiritual communication. Her insightful mediumship has touched thousands of people who have previously felt the loss of a loved one and believed that to be the end.

Michele's uniquely gifted abilities are available through intimate and private sessions in 30 and 60-minute appointments. Group sessions are also available.



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